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King Britt

Deep and Sexy 4

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Don’t disturb this groove.

Okay, here’s what we’ve got. This is the fourth volume in the Deep and Sexy series, compiled and mixed this time by King Britt. The brief for the series is, as the name suggests, deep (and sexy) house grooves.

At the beginning, these selections work beautifully. Tom & Joyce’s “Vai Minha” – in a mix by French-born DJ (and founder of the label on which the comp appears) Francois K– is smooooooth like Beyonce’s legs. It’s got vibe-y keyboard fills and a sprightly sax solo.

But as the beat goes on, we start to get these weak lectures over the grooves. These are bad enough when it’s just a man reminding us that what we’re listening to is “rhythm” (okay, thanks for that). But when they start giving us “interpretations of sexy” (to quote the PR sheet)…

“Sexy is nature’s rising, subtle, hinting at what could be, both divine and devilish all at once.”

Well, great. So was Peter Cook –what’s your point?

Okay, so obviously these interpretations are going to differ amongst humans. But can we agree that nobody ever, at any time, has found being lectured to a turn on? (Certain lecturers, maybe Pink, for example, could tell me anything she wants.) It’s like, not to put too fine a point on it, “being with” someone who can’t stop talking. And it certainly doesn’t help that this seems to involve poetry and or/performance artists (than whom there is nothing more frightening.)

This reaches some kind of nadir at the end of Calm’s “People From The Sun And The Earth,” when a woman starts babbling something that probably means something in Brazilian, but in English sounds like nothing more than “Yoda, sexy.”

I suppose some people must think him so, but…

In the end, Lascivious returns the house beat to the forefront (just in time) for the poppy “She’s Here” (Brennan Green Remix). And Blue 6, to steal a phrase from Justin Timberlake (who had no business using it in the first place), brings sexy back with “Sweeter Love.” (Also reminding me that it has been far too long since I’ve listened to their song “Music & Wine.”)

But by then, I’ve totally lost my buzz.

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