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Steve Bertrand

Steve Bertrand

Pain Is a Megaphone

Icon/The Console

Singer/songwriter Steve Bertrand should be a nationally acclaimed star by now. He was the driving force behind criminally overlooked LA power-pop trio The Tories, and his latest band vehicle Avion failed to break through despite the band’s self-titled Columbia Records album being a modern pop-rock classic.

Now he’s back as a solo artist, this time on the ICON label, with Pain Is a Megaphone and it’s clear from tracks such as the stand-out “In The Dreaming” and the hit-waiting-to-happen “Renting a Room” that Bertrand’s ability to write irresistible pop hooks and wrap them around slick, polished melodies has not diminished.

The duo of “Letterbox” and “Sell-Out” recall some of Bertrand’s best work with The Tories, while “Glorious Collision” demonstrates a harder edge to his repertoire. The outstanding title track and delicate ballad “I Still Choose You” further prove Bertrand’s versatility.

Even though Pain Is a Megaphone doesn’t quite hit the heights scaled by Avion, it’s a record with immense commercial appeal and one that could finally see Bertrand reap the rewards his talent deserves.

Steve Bertrand:

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