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Dimmu Borgir

Dimmu Borgir

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Nine albums and 14 years into their career, Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir are finally starting to dig their way out of the seedy underground. With the franchising of heavy metal having created sub-genres that hardly do their ancestors justice, it seems only appropriate that the dark and heavy should finally reign over metal once more.

Dimmu Borgir — also known as “that band whose name I can’t pronounce” — paint themselves up like gray-faced zombies, dress their gothic best, and play epic metal, heavily padded with classical undertones, the likes of which have been all but forgotten in a period when the majority of metal bands are straight edge, Christian and under the age of 21. While these water bottle metal heads may get a little crazy by jumping into the audience during a concert and inciting a riot, Dimmu Borgir just may sacrifice a lamb onstage and ask for your souls. This is the sort of metal that both your parents, and the Christian right warned you about.

They balance throat-peeling, growling vocals with crisp, open melodic vocals which can take some getting used to. The production is big, the songs are epic (“The Sacreligious Scorn”), the drumming is insane (“The Chosen Legacy”) and it may send you straight to hell with just one listen. “The Foreshadowing Furnace” sums it up with the lyric “Face melting/peeling off.”

Dimmu Borgir: www.dimmu-borgir.com

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