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The Teeth

The Teeth

You’re My Lover Now

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Philadelphia has been quietly producing an eclectic array of bands that are molding a brand new homegrown sound. Pulling from the happy pop-centric British Invasion bands just as generously as they borrow from early alt-indie rock, bands like Dr. Dog, Illinois, and, now, The Teeth are tossing the whole kitchen sink into the mix.

Diggin’ old American soul music? Throw it in there! Feel like shredding a little guitar, rock that garage sound a bit! There are no rules, there are no genres – it’s the new American sound and it encompasses everything!

You’re My Love Now is a good example of the new millenium cluster-genre. In an era where the next big thing is yesterday’s news before you even put your computer on standby, bands have a new sense of urgency. Write it, play it, don’t think too much about what tomorrow will bring, just get out on the road and hope that a few people show up. Don’t look back, don’t look ahead, focus on right now. When that attitude works in music (and it works here!), it’s pure poetry.

If you’ve not the attention span for all 14 tracks, listen to “Ball of the Dead Rat,” “Yellow,” “You’re My Lover Now” and “Shoulderblade,” you lazy bum!

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