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The Alternate Routes

The Alternate Routes

Good and Reckless and True

Vanguard Records

Catchy, passionate and brilliant. Those are the first three words that I thought of when I started listening to the Vanguard debut Good and Reckless and True by The Alternate Routes. From the first lines (where the album name comes from) to the last chord, The Alternate Routes bring a biting alternative rock sound blended with a dash of country to make one of the year’s best so far.

“Ordinary” showcases the lyrical side of the band. It opens with the line “I’ve been wasting my days/ Good and reckless and true” and ends with the contemplative and slightly ominous “When you die/ Will you be surrounded by friends/ Will they pray for a heaven out loud/ A hope that somehow they will see you again.”

“Going Home With You” is a sexy guitar-driven number that would be right at home on Kid Rock’s next album. The next track, “Time is a Runaway,” is more of a straight-away pop reminder stating in the chorus that “Time is a runaway/ It’s coming for you.”

“California” is the best song about that state since Phantom Planet’s “California.” Ironically, it sounded like a slightly slower and more countrified version of Phantom Planet’s ode.

The Alternate Routes are a little bit gritty, a little bit pop and a whole hell of a lot of brilliant. Good and Reckless and True is so catchy that you will instantly be hooked. Once you are, you’ll realize the depth that is encompassed in this album and you’ll keep coming back for more.

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