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The Photo Atlas

The Photo Atlas

No, Not Me, Never

Stolen Transmission

Is it to soon to be influenced by the retro ’80s pop music that The Killers and Franz Ferdinand brought back just 3 years ago? The Photo Atlas don’t seem to think so.

The Denver, Colorado band celebrate the dance rock for the mall crowd without apology or sense of irony. Falling nicely into a dump bin filled with bands like Lovedrug, Hot Hot Heat and The Faint, The Photo Atlas may not have longevity written across their pretty young faces, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing a well put together album of the moment.

Vocalist Alan Andrews sings in a high-pitched, jagged, near scream eerily close to The Rapture’s Luke Jenner – though he seems to be aiming for At The Drive In’s Cedric Bixler. It’s the sort of voice that can really grate on your nerves unless you’re really in the mood for it. That may sound harsh, but some singers whom I absolutely adore fall into this same trap for me. Tori Amos and Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries to name just two. When I’m not in the right mindset for those two, my GOD, turn it off before I put my head through a wall!

It’s hard to give a band like this much thought because clearly they are just trying to be the next Bloc Party.

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