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Electric Needle Room

Electric Needle Room

My Socks Never Match


My Socks Never Match is the debut album of Electric Needle Room, a Kansas duo, comprised of brothers, Matt and Steven Beat.

The 16 tracks on the CD all have a soothing, indie feel; it reminds me of those songs they consistently play in the coffee shops. The lyrics are a bit mediocre and Beat’s vocals don’t really show any range, but for what it is, My Socks Never Match is enjoyable for those rainy days.

“I Hate the Suburbs” opens up the CD, with lead singer, Matt, complaining about the suburbs and how he can’t avoid them. The song ends with a plea to help him escape. The song sounds like it should have been involved with some teenage sitcom as the credits roll. The song is tolerable, but five minutes of complaints about the suburbs is a bit too much. If it were cut to half, it would be great.

“Dear Celebrities, Thank You for Making the World a Better Place,” is full of sarcasm and probably one of the best songs. With a simple toe-tapping beat that stands out among the other songs, this one is definitely a winner.

“High School” has a weird waltz-like beat that reminds me oddly of a carnival ride (as does the track, “The Empty Interior.”) The song is perhaps the best soundtrack to all those high school ’80s movies – you know, the ones with the infamous Brat Pack. I almost can’t tell what’s better: the real-life lyrics or that beat that has embedded itself into my head.

Overall, I’m still on the fence. With a bit more work on lyrics and a bit more variation on beats, Electric Needle Room could have something going for them.

Electric Needle Room:

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