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The Warriors

The Warriors

Beyond The Noise


Coming off like Rage Against The Machine without the genius of Tom Morello, The Warriors have put out yet another album of heavy music that I can’t help but be drawn towards. Combining metal guitars, hip hop grooves, a slight nod to rap in the way the vocals are approached and a hardcore attitude, these guys from a town in California are attempting to carry the torch of ’90s hybrid rap-rock.

“Downbeat” is the most obvious RATM ripoff to the point it’s almost embarrassing, but following the song is the first of three instrumental interludes. A minute’s worth of computer sounds, feedback and a simple rhythm eases us into “Shadows of Birth,” perhaps the weakest (and most nu-metal sounding) song on Beyond The Noise, but it’s thankfully just over a minute in length.

It’s not a noteworthy release, but while a band like The Warriors would easily fit in with the Taste of Chaos/Sounds Of The Underground crowd, I’d gladly listened to this album over just about any of those done by similar bands… but if I had my choice, I’d rather just listen to Rage.

The Warriors:

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