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Gore Gore Girls

Gore Gore Girls

Get The Gore


It’s been over two years in the making, but Get The Gore has finally taken its first breath. Sure, half of the songs on the album were released as the 2004 Tour EP 7 X 4, but let’s face it; you don’t own that disc. You haven’t yet awoken to the sweet & sticky brew that is Detroit’s leading ladies, The Gore Gore Girls. They’ve toured with The Cramps, been part of Little Steven’s Underground Garage Tour and broken hearts all over this land, but YOU have yet to listen to such blissful, playful tunes as “All Grown up,” or “Loaded Heart.”

This new full length, recorded by Jim Diamond and featuring a song co-written by The Runaways’ mastermind, Kim Fowley (“Pleasure Unit”), has a few added minutes of muscular harmonies – the Fowley tune, and “Fox In A Box” being the two standouts. The origin of “Fox” was explained to me, by frontwoman Amy Surdu, as such:

“I saw Peaches on the cover of a magazine and thought, ‘I wanna write a song about this woman.’ Marlene (guitarist Marlene Hammerle) and I are also big fans of Pam Grier and her DVD box set is called Fox in a Box and it was sitting there. The riff of that song is Marlene’s (mimics the riff), and she played me that and I thought ‘goddammit, that’s really good!’ So I wrote the lyrics and the melody around it, and ‘Fox in a Box’ just fit with the syllables. It was written with a little Pam Grier inspiration, but it’s definitely about Peaches. I hope she likes it, I don’t know if she’s heard it yet”

The Gore Gore Girls are Motown ladies living as 21st Century rockers. They’ve got harmonies that could melt the polar icecap (wait, is it still there?), and raw sexual energy that would set a nun’s loins on fire.

Gore Gore Girls:

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