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Be He Me

Ace Fu

Annuals’ debut album may not even touch upon the surface of their brilliant live performance, but it can come home with you after the show.

What you’ve got on record here is the indie rock interpretation of Brian Wilson Beach Boy genius, and it’s all thanks to a boy who’s only 20. Adam Baker may just be the indie world’s new Conor Oberst, minus (thank god!) the woe-is-me whine. Annuals are not Bright Eyes, they’re more in the worlds of Cold War Kids, Tapes ‘n’ Tapes, and maybe even a touch Of Montreal (but not quite so otherworldly).

Call them textured, layered, complex; I’ll just call them good. “Complete or Completing” may be a multi-faceted composition with way too many parts for me to pick away at, but when it’s all put together it’s just a damn fine tune. The same can be said about the Pet Sounds-influenced “Dry Clothes” and the sweetly, slow building “Bleary Eyed.” It’s a beautiful record, and it will hold you over until they roll through your town again.


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