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Colorado’s Signal To Noise can hide amongst the emo-core acts, while touring with respectable indie experimental rockers like Minus The Bear or Cursive, but at the root of it all they’re really a band that sounds like they grew up on a healthy diet of Alkaline Trio, Hot Water Music and Nirvana.

Their debut full length Kodiak is a tighter release than any of the current “Alternative Press” cover boys; let’s just hope that the masses will open their ears and give it a listen. If 30 Seconds to Mars can find a mainstream audience, there’s no reason Signal To Noise should fall by the wayside – they’re cut from the same cloth, only STN has a harder edge and a frontman who isn’t quite as pretty.

When they shred, they shred with the best of them (“The Wolves”). When they want to write some catchy hooks, they do so proudly (“Radiation”), and when they get all slow and sensitive on us it’s not with whimpering whine, it’s with soulful, heartfelt expression (“Song of the Future from the Past,” “Firework Sky”).

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