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Dear Tonight

Dear Tonight

We’re Not Men

Red Leader

If Against Me! had grown up in the hardcore pool of Brooklyn, NY instead of the college punk town of Gainesville, FL they just might have sounded like Dear Tonight. Smart lyrics that teeter between socio-political and witty observations, here is a band lined up to stand alongside the Anti Flags, the Strike Anywheres, and the NOFXs of the day. Politi-punk that balances message with melody.

A browsing of the lyric book reads like the most eloquent parts of Howard Zinn or Noam Chomsky:

It was once said that ‘…of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are it might have been.’ So kill it. Burn the flag with the candle it could never hold to all it was supposed to represent, all that was promised, all that madmen swore would be and never was. – from “Failure Then Fire”

We call Homer a myth because he based actions on Gods; we look at Al Qaeda like cretins because they kill for Allah; and we elect a president who invokes Christ with a gun. If hypocrisy is beliefs minus actions, then there are some long hard miles of answering to do, and a ways to run on our hands back to zero. – from “Broken Golden Rules”

…and all of this poetry is spewed out with volatile energy that threatens to peel the ears off of your pulsating head.

Dear Tonight:

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