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Scott Baio is 45 and Single (VH1)- Episode 6

This is the long awaited(by me) episode where Baio tells his longtime friend, Johnny V. that he’s crossed the line, he’s too much and he has to lay low and not talk to him for a couple months.

This episode starts with Scott talking to Doc Ali and her wanting to meet his friends, Johnny V. and Steve. She also wants Scott to meet up with these twins that he and Johnny ‘dated’ at one time. Scott, Doc Ali and Johnny V. meet up on the beach, where Steve is with his fiancee and her 2 daughters. Doc chats with Steve and Johnny and of course, her chat with Johnny gets heated. It seems that Johnny is quite the ‘hanger on’ with Scott. For years, he’s just lived off Scott’s fame and his leftover women. He keeps Scott in this life that he’s trying to get out of.

At a pool hall/bar, Steve and Scott meet up with the Murrell Twins, and wow. They look like they’ve seen better days but yet they dress like they are still 20. One of them has no eyebrows or what looks like 4 hairs on her head. It’s very very scary looking. They have had some weird surgeries… lookin’ like some trout pout happening. They play a game, have a beer and make plans to meet up later for some mud wrestling. Well, to watch some mud wrestling.

Scott sees this meeting as a good opportunity to hook up a pre-bachelor party for Steve. They all meet up and Johnny V. ends up in the mud with 2 chicks. He gets rather carried away and runs over the sofa, yells and hugs Scott. At that point, Scott is done. I think he realized exactly what the past 25 years have been to Johnny V.

He talks with Doc Ali the following morning and they decide that they have to talk to Johnny V. to break this off in person. They meet him at the local deli to have lunch together, but you can see that Johnny feels ambushed. They both try to explain that Scott just wants to move on from that life that they’ve had for the last 25 years, but Johnny isn’t hearing it. You can see that Scott doesn’t want this to be an ugly situation but he isn’t being given much of a choice. Johnny is being rather defensive and argumentative about the whole situation. He just feels backed into a corner over the whole thing so Doc Ali leaves and lets Scott deal with his friend. Scott just tries to be honest but nice about things and Johnny can’t take it. It doesn’t look like it’s been left in a great place.

The next episode appears to have Renee in there…. in some sort of verbal spar with Doc Ali. This could be interesting.

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