The Two Coreys (A&E) Episode 3- Cold Turkey

The Two Coreys (A&E) Episode 3- Cold Turkey

This whole episode is about the Corey’s and their failed attempts to quit smoking. I had thought that Feldman was a new non smoker just like his wife, but alas he’s been sneaking smokes behind both of their backs. Haim busts him and they say that they are going to quit but just can’t seem to. Having been there, I know that feeling but …. The Mrs. catches them smoking and finds ways for them to quit, one being a hypnotist. They both walk out of the guys office and light up.

Her next idea is a sweat lodge with an Indian. Brilliant. You just know that this is going to be worth the watch. They go there, and it’s basically a blue tarp over some blankets. They go in there with the Indian guide who honestly, looks like an Italian butcher, and they start asking for help with the smoking. It turns into the Corey’s having an emotionfest in the steam, telling each other the crappy things they did to each other and how bad they felt. While they are in there, verbally stroking each other, the Mrs. is out with her girlfriends getting a little tipsy and playing pool. The Corey’s come home to an empty house and the co-dependant Feldman is getting worried because his Mrs. wouldn’t leave without a note and wouldn’t stay out this late. (They can’t wipe their own asses without the other one, I am finding out throughout this show. ) She’s tipsy, he takes her upstairs after a few jokes about taking advantage of the drunk girl, and the Feldman’s are off.

And Haim…. goes outside and lights up.

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