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After Two But Before Five

Fuzzmaster / In Music We Trust

Who knew that with just a guitar and a few buckets, you could make such fun and fantastic music? That’s just what Hillstomp does on its first live album After Two But Before Five. The band has created an incredibly full sound with just two guys, one guitar and a bunch of stuff you could find in your garage.

The last song of the set, “Stewball,” is one of the best as it’s just lead singer Henry Kammerer and bucket extraordinaire John Johnson handling the backup vocals and tambourine. The crowd really gets into clapping with the song and their “uh-huh” chants.

Now you may be asking yourself: Did he just write bucket extraordinaire? Yes. Johnson doesn’t use a typical drum kit, he uses buckets, cans and BBQ lids. Match it with Kammerer’s slide guitar and you have some of the finest hillbilly music you’ll find in Portland, Oregon.

Hillstomp is highly energetic in all facets, from the down-home country feel of “Lucy’s Lament” to the call and answer of “Mr. Charlie III” to the straight-up blues of “Dark Clouds a-Risin’.” Their rockabilly is contagious and it’s impossible not to bob your head while listening. It’s amazing how big their sound is for as little instrumentation as they have. Johnson’s percussion and background vocals add a boatload of depth to Kammerer’s intentionally muted vocals and masterful guitar work. After Two But Before Five is the perfect introduction to a band that has few instruments, but a huge sound.


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