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The Heart Attacks

The Heart Attacks

Hellbound and Heartless


This young ‘n’ snotty band from Atlanta are just obnoxious enough to adore.

Having found the common thread between The NY Dolls, Aerosmith and any underground band from the first wave of British punk that you’ve never heard of, these guys have made something special in their debut Hellcat release Hellbound and Heartless. It must be special, they not only caught the ear of Hellcat label owner Tim Armstrong, but they got his Rancid bandmate Lars Fredericksen to produce the album and they scored a duet with the punkest punk of them all, Joan Jett (“Tearstained Letters”).

What could be more punk rock than a sincere cover of Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Travelin’ Band?” If you’re answer is Sid Vicious doing “My Way,” then fuck off! It takes more than track marks and a sneer to be a punk. Anyway, it’s a rhetorical question, and The Heart Attacks have managed to inject some much needed umph into an old CCR trailer park sing-a-long.

Honestly, I’m a little surprised that I like this album as much as I do, but this glammed up haircut band has found a soft spot in my heart for bratty boys with attitude for no reason. They remind me of friends I had in high school, only they managed to produce something more substantial than a beer can bong.

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