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Driftless Pony Club

Driftless Pony Club


Two Thumbs Down

Driftless Pony Club in a sense live up to their name, most of Cholera is close to the border of not bad, but unmemorable dancey post-punk, kind of like a less technically skilled Minus the Bear, content to go along with the flow of burgeoning indie music. With each subsequent listen, though, this disc turns into a grower. The band’s uncharacteristic flourishes are spread out nicely, breaking through the elliptical riff/disco rhythm section on a number of occasions. “Let’s Do This Here” has a quietly moody thread to it, and the epic “da da” chorus on Mountains and Ruins” pushes the emotional swell of many contemporary folk collectives, while trumpet and glockenspiel enliven a number of other tracks on here. With the band’s background niche nearing a glut, any steps like these away from an over reliance on the six string can only work to their benefit next time around.

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