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No serious connoisseur of novelty music could have missed “Fish Heads,” the most-requested record ever on the Dr. Demento radio show. While that song is floating around on maybe a dozen albums you might stumble upon, Collector’s Choice have released the digitally remastered version of that classic along with 15 other tunes from seminal band Barnes and Barnes.

Those are the stage names for Bill Mumy (Babylon 5, Lost in Space) and Robert Haimer. Like so many early Dr. D. favorites, they sang unmixed into a 2 track tape recorder and sent a little reel of tape off, only to find stardom if not wealth.

Even if you have the original vinyl, this CD is a great addition to your collection. Beside the clean audio and convenience of a digital format, you’ll pick up the previously unreleased “Vomit Song,” “Granny and The Kid,” and “I Gotta Get a Fake ID.” There also a few versions of “Boogie Woogie Amputee” and “Party In My Pants.” A very nice set of notes by Mr. Mumy explain the band’s history, and unlike so many “Stiffed by the Man” stories, these guys seemed to have found the right level of success. Mr. Mumy sums up: “‘Fish Heads has been very good to us.” Not bad for a song recorded in the bathroom.

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