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The Last Hope

The Last Hope

Violence, Vengeance, and Retribution

Hairball 8

A full year after being released independently, Violence, Vengeance, and Retribution gets the big Hairball 8 Records repress in hopes that this little street punk band from PA will turn a few more heads. Though they’ve toured with the beer-soaked likes of The Casualties, The Adolescents and Strike Anywhere I’ve never stumbled across this particular band of brats until receiving their full length debut in the mail. So, if even just for that reason, the re-release was well worth it.

What you’ve got in The Last Hope is the same thing that’s so great about those other bands I just mentioned. Aggression, making noise for the sake of it, and all the fun that comes along with this brand of tattooed, sweaty genre of, as they call it, “rot-n-rock-n-roll.” That term may not catch on (and what the hell it means, I’m not really sure), but music like this – as one channel as it is – will always attract an audience.

Top songs: “747,” “Hold of my Flesh.”

Hairball 8:

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