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The Two Coreys (A&E) Episode 5 – Wing Man

This episode should be called ‘Haim Needs Laid’ The Feldmans get ideas to get haim a girlfriend and their first attempt is a local ‘speed dating’ at a club. That doesn’t go well, the women there just don’t pique his interest and frankly I can see why. While there were some women there that weren’t actresses (Haim’s deal breaker is that he won’t date another actress) they weren’t very attractive and one even said she wasn’t single. His next attempt is online dating….he looks through some profiles and picks what seems to be a really pretty normal girl. They meet up for a frisbee date and it all seems to be going really well, they seem to be having fun. Then the girl tosses out the deal breaker….yup, she’s an actress. the 180 that Haim does is awesome. This girl might as well have said that she has a contagous disease spread through sharing the same AIR.

During this, the happily married Feldmans can’t seem to have any alone time to get a little. Haim actually walked in twice during some married people time. Must be hard for them to know that he can walk in any second because the boy has no boundaries. The Mrs. actually said that she didn’t want to have sex because she was afraid that Haim could hear them. Ewww..not a visual I would like in my head, please. Seriously, even back in the day (yes I AM that old) I thought Feldman was creepy as hell and Haim was like the dumbass in school that would follow you around thinking he was so funny.

It seems that Haim has had a lady. Jo from England whom he met while doing a Lost Boys appearance. He’s apparently got some heavy feelings for her that he’s wanting to explore. So, he flies her over to stay with him at the Feldman’s. He gets some roses and meets her at the airport. They are pretty cute together, I must say. I think that she might actually want to be with him. It’s not that cute London girls have a shortage of hot guys to pick from….so it only stands to reason that the poor girl likes the Haim-meister.

Let’s see what happens with Haim and his lady love. Perhaps there will finally be some action in the Feldman house.

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