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Big Brother 8 -UK

I can not tell a lie. I have spent my first summer in the UK hooked to this show. And whatever shows I missed, I downloaded. It’s a little more intense then the US version and F bomb is dropped frequently on network TV. It truly is a social experiment here as they don’t have a handful of pretty people dropped in the house. These really are the most diverse group of people that one could imagine being crammed in a house for 3 months together. We are in the last week here, and I am going to be one empty person when this is over.

They have Little Brother, a chat show about the show- they have evicted housemates on, celebrities on and families of the housemates on to talk about the house. They have the Daily Show which is highlights of the previous day. They have Big Mouth, an interactive chat show about the house, various celebs host for one week at a time, the audience is loud and quite funny. Pete Burns was the BEST host…. with Chris Moyles a close second. And they have 2 weekly shows – Diary Room Uncut, where they show pieces of the Diary Room confessions and On the Couch, where they have psychiatrists come on and dissect what is said….and the body language of the housemates. Pure Gold, I tell ya. They also have a channel that shows live footage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can sit in my livingroom and watch these poor bastards sleeping. Amazing, isn’t it?

The winner will be announced this Friday out of the 6 housemates that are still left….. cross your fingers with me that Brian wins…

I have to wait until next summer to get on this damn ride again. It’s just not fair.

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