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The Brother Kite

The Brother Kite

Waiting For the Time to Be Right


The opening shot from Waiting For the Time to Be Right has indie rock perfection flowing through its veins: over a copped riff from The Zombies’ “Crimson and Clover” thick Pixies-esque power chords gum up the chiming guitars, blending them into a kaleidoscopic shoegazer ode. It’s an instrumental track that encapsulates – and segues – nicely into the heart of the album where vocalist Patrick Boutwell gives his best James Mercer impression and his band keeps the power-pop relentless. Tracks like “Out of Sight” and “I’m Not the Only One” conjure up 1996 Superdrag and Weezer in such a sincere and forward-looking way it circumnavigates all the awful emo and alternative rock those acts spawned. “Hopeless and Unsung” sounds like the unlikely combo of Brian Wilson fronting an aquatic Explosions in the Sky, and is perhaps is the best marker for what The Brother Kite excel at: sounding at once like something nostalgic and cutting edge. Keep it coming.


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