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Dwight Edwards

Dwight Edwards

Heart of the Blues

You may not have heard of him (don’t feel guilty; I didn’t either), but Dwight Edwards has been singing the blues for 40 years now. That someone with a voice as powerfully soulful and invigoratingly robust as this has been hidden in the trenches for so long is a crime against humanity. Even more shocking, and impressive is Edwards’ versatility; not only does he sing and play guitar, but the bass, keyboards and horns belong to his hands as well. He is a one-man band, performing each instrument with equal sharpness.

Edwards’ speaker-enveloping baritone makes his songs of love and loss impact the heart as much as his guitar playing. Edwards employs a Chicago-based style of blues; he believes in the slow burn, losing himself in the gradual-motion grooves of “Love Somebody” (with its fiery solos) and “Mama Blues,” wherein he jams with breathtaking ease.

“Fat Meat Ain’t Greasy” busts out of the blues mold with its mischievous horns, thumping bass, and jumpy keyboards, taking Edwards into vintage R&B territory.

Dwight Edwards:

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