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Last Star Shining

Basement Tape Records

Pleasant sounding Stuporhero is a band with a base in folk rock and a penchant for clever lyrics. Jen Garrett and Will Troy formed the band from the remnants of another obscure Seattle band “Tarantulada.” With a smooth, mellow lo-fi sound, their songs have an innocence that makes repeated listening bearable. The upbeat “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out” is a Cat Stevens cover, and here it sounds a little less precious than the original. “Solarium” follows showing a deeper, moody side to the duo, but the weirdest cut lurks near the end in the touching “Deathbot” with its lament to a destruction spewing robot that only wants a friend. All in all, Stuporhero presents a nice, melodic disc with fun hooks and enjoyable melodies. My only complaint is the “secret track” consisting of 8 minutes of street noises. It’s better to endure silence than searching for an arty nothingness just to fill space.


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