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Sons of William

Sons of William

What Hides Inside

Red Lick Records

With a retro southern rock sound mixed in with contemporary influences, What Hides Insides is a promising debut from Louisiana band Sons of William.

Right from the rousing strains of opener “Message,” it’s clear that brothers Joe and David Stark have a real talent and subconscious musical understanding. The brooding “Darkest Secret” shows the more modern side of the band’s sound with an atmospheric melody and haunting guitar licks.

“Easy To Love” is a fantastic piano ballad with a real rootsy, southern feel, while “Smile” shows the duo’s ear for a classic-sounding melody. The bluesy “Lucifer Hands” demonstrates Joe Stark’s superb guitar playing skills amongst a backdrop of a throbbing rhythm, and the excellent “Sympathy” slows down the pace in memorable fashion before “Savannah” helps end the album is fine style.

Diverse, accomplished and always a compelling listening, What Hides Inside is quality record that hints at even greater things to come.

Sons of William:

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