Jamie T

Jamie T

Jamie T

Panic Prevention


Ya gotta love the British! They have a way of taking the best elements of American music and combining it in a fresh new way that always seems to sound innovative.

This year’s brilliant Brit: Jamie T. He’s taken what Arctic Monkeys started last year, and brought in some slight rap elements (Beastie Boys rap, not 50 Cent), a whole lot of white boy funk (Beck, anyone?), and soaked it in the crust of Pete Doherty. It’s an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mixture done up London style. The Clash by way of The Streets.

In his debut release, Jamie T has offered the world a glimpse into the bedroom studio of his musical soul. With doors locked, phones turned off, and the pints of beer spilling over, this formerly anonymous music fan (I picture him as the quintessential record store owner; the dude who knows every band and every album) made beauty out of chaos and its appeal is in its rawness. The kids will love it! Panic Prevention has got all the makings of a huge underground hit, it’s even got guest vocals from Lily Allen (on “Rawhide”).

Key tracks: “Salvador,” “Operation” and “Calm Down Dearest.”

Jamie T: www.jamie-t.com

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