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Los Femurs

Los Femurs

Modern Mexico

Homespun Records/In Music We Trust

Caffeinated acoustic rock; that’s exactly what you’ll receive when you listen to Modern Mexico, the full-length debut from Seattle’s own Los Femurs. Actually it’s more of a reissue of their first EP Jack Cafferty v. Chuck Scarborough with another EP attached to it. But I digress…

“Vitamins” is an explosive opener where the brothers exclaim that they “need a perch,” while “Round and Round” exclaims that they’ve “been waiting all their life for something to break.” They lyrics really don’t mean anything, but the more you listen to it, the more you realize that their songs are about the music and not so much about the lyrics.

Take the chorus for “Crazy Girl” for instance. “Come a little closer/ And I will shave my head/ Wearing off my anger/ It’s better than what you said/ We can be retarded/ And I won’t wear a frown/ Right back where we started/ Five feet off the ground.” Umm…what? At least the music makes me jump around like I just had a case of Red Bull. In other words, don’t listen to this album for the lyrics. Enjoy the music.

The Femurs are two brothers (last name Femur, appropriately) that sound a lot like Machine Go Boom with quick Ramones-esque rhythms coupled with a frenzied acoustic guitar and highly catchy choruses. The two switch instruments and lead vocals both on stage and on this album, which adds much needed dimension to their sound. With just a guitar, drums and vocals, there is only so much that you can do, unless you’re Jack and Meg White, so the switches help with that. Modern Mexico is a good album for anyone who is looking for acoustic punk and yearns for something akin to the Ramones.

Los Femurs:

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