The Slumber Party Girls

The Slumber Party Girls

The Slumber Party Girls

Dance Revolution


The Slumber Party Girls are the latest in a never-ending line of teen groups cobbled together by label execs to sell the pop sounds of the day to a younger, less Top-40 savvy audience. As such songs like the incredibly moronic tracks like “The Texting Song” (with lyrics like “Don’t be M-I-A/We’re gonna make you L-O-L”) are wrapped in an unwieldy pseudo-Neptunes electro growl, but it doesn’t account for the ’60s girl group treatment given “Bubblegum” and its incredibly catchy titular chorus punctuation.

The remaining 13 songs that make up this disc tend to veer toward the more generic end of the spectrum sonically. The lush orchestration of “I Got Your Back” and the rocker “My Life” feel as though they’ve been layered a little too perfectly, that they’ve been reduced completely to ones and zeros and taken all levels of human creativity out of its realization. The five girls who share vocals are undeniably gifted singers and the moments when they’re in lock-step for call and response are better than anything I’ve heard with my minimal dalliance with pop radio. Chances are these girls will simply ride this vehicle to bide their time before they get hit with opportunities for solo careers.

The Slumber Party Girls:

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