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Senses Fail

Senses Fail

Still Searching

Vagrant Records/Drive-Thru Records

Senses Fail is like a lot of the other bands on the Vagrant Records imprint: hard-rocking, occasional screaming with lyrics that are depressing and hopeless. The only (slight) difference in their second album Still Searching is that they have an obsession with lost faith.

Tracks like “Can’t Be Saved” and “The Priest and the Matador” take on the loss of faith and, according to the latter, they don’t really care. “A priest is rushing to my side/ Begins to read me my last rights/ Father you’re too late, my faith is weak/ So won’t you save your half-hearted speech.” Isn’t that nice?

But wait, for the right lady, he’ll get it back! “I love you so much/ I started praying/ I love you so much/ That I started praying,” lead vocalist Buddy Nielsen proclaims in “Everyday is a Struggle.”

Still Searching is, musically, a perfect title for the album. It sounds like the hundreds of other albums by hundreds of other screamo bands. It sounds like they are still searching for their own niche. Lyrically they found it though. The album is aggressive and full of all-is-lost feeling, but it’s not too bad…if you like to feel hopeless and depressed.

Senses Fail:

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