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Rhythm Amongst the Chaos


If it’s teeth-gnashing, lip-crunching hardcore steeped in heavy metal you’re searching for – the kind rooted in violence and not a little bit of a danger – and modern metal-core bands just don’t scratch the itch, then rejoice in this new EP from Los Angeles veterans, Terror.

This one-off 5 song appetizer was done as a favor for Reaper Records owner, and member of innumerable hardcore bands, Patrick Kitzel. Aside from the closing track, a cover of Breakdown’s “Kickback,” the EP runs on all cylinders, barely pausing for a breath in between mosh-ready tracks like “Disconnected” and “Vengeance Calls on You.” “Kickback,” however, features Vinnie Paz of Philly hip-hop act Jedi Mind Tricks. Though the song kicks in and eventually fills the gap for one more gut-wrenching hardcore anthem, Paz’s shout-out intro (“Terror! Jedi Mind Tricks! Philly to L.A. baby! All fuckin’ day!”) is a little out of place. I’m not against mixing hip hop and hardcore, but not every band can be Bad Brains.


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