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Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Made of Bricks


She looks like Jenny Lewis, writes like Lily Allen, bangs the piano like a chipper Fiona Apple, is impressively able to hit Bjork-like yelps, and her lyrics are ripe with witty comebacks and loaded down with sarcasm.

Stop being a dickhead/Why you being a dickhead for?/You’re just fucking up situations -from “Dickhead”

Then I’ll use that voice that you find annoyin’/And say something like/”intelligent input darlin’ why don’t you just have another beer then?”/then you call me a bitch and everyone we’re with will be embarrassed/and I won’t give a shit -from “Foundations”

Oh, yes, Ms. Nash has been bowled over by the boys, and cheeky pop music is her chosen weapon for revenge. At times the music and lyrics bleed with youth and inexperience (she’s only 20!), but her sincerity can be sniffed out clear across the Atlantic. Hell, her story so far already sounds like a screenplay: An Irish born/English raised child of the arts is torn between her love for music and her desire to be an actress. Upon being rejected from a prominent theater school, she breaks her foot and finds herself homebound. With nothing to do but concentrate on her songwriting, she puts together a pack of songs, posts them on her myspace page and very quickly finds a fan in Lily Allen. When Allen puts Nash in her “Top 8,” she becomes an overnight sensation in the virtual world.

It’s probably not as simple as that, but that’s her story in a nutshell.

Made of Bricks has already made her a household name in the UK, and has finally made its way onto American shelves. If it doesn’t find its way into the sound system of every girl who’s every been screwed over in love within a month, it’ll be a tragedy.

For further proof to the salty sweet goodness of Kate Nash, dial up “Shit Song.”

Kate Nash:

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