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Two Eyes EP


To name your band after a black sheep fruit like a pomegranate is a bold move, but this Cincinnati-based band did just that. While their indie-minded pop rock may not revolutionize the fruit’s popularity, it will bring them an enthusiastic fan or two.

The Pomegranates’ five-song debut EP is short and sweet and leaves a sugary taste in my ears after a few consecutive listens. The vocals lie beneath a light layer of fuzz, there’s percussion from all angles, and just enough keyboards to give this band a slight retro/80’s feel. While all of these elements aren’t anything “new” to the quirky world of indie rock, these guys throw a creative spin into a well-worn machine. The jingly bells on “Nursery Magic” are a nice wintery touch that make me smile, and somehow make this song feel like a warm sweater on a cold day. It has quickly become my favorite.

They use hand claps, their guitar effect choices have shades of The Edge’s signature sound, and something about this band just sounds wonderfully familiar.

If you dig The Shins, you’ll lap this music up with a spoon.


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