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Teargas & Plateglass

Teargas & Plateglass

Black Triage


Teargas & Plateglass make films through the stereo. The vast landscapes of a post-apocalyptic Earth and the bio-mechanical aftermath of a world overcome with technology are the surface snapshots created within the music of Black Triage.

To call their creations trance would not do them justice, and though their techno beats would more than satisfy club goers needs–this band is not making music strictly for the purpose of getting some asses moving. The ambiance they create is along the lines of Underworld, only darker.

This album is like a watching a zombie flick on an eerie Halloween night. It’s a futuristic ride through the seediest corners of your own mind. Musicians like Rob Zombie could spend the rest of their careers trying to emote the sort of spine chills Teargas & Plateglass achieve with seemingly little effort.

The liner notes to this album, written by filmmaker Godfrey Reggio, speak of our world’s dependency on technology. They proclaim, “the common notion tells us that technology is neutral, that we can use it for either good or bad. We do not use technology, we live technology; technology is our way of life.”

In Teargas & Plateglass you not only get stimulation for your ears, but you get a band that stretches your brain and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Teargas & Plateglass:

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