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Devin Garza

Devin Garza

Every Reason


Devin Garza is a doctor in Austin, Texas by trade, but Every Reason proves an alternative career as an artist within the Christian rock-pop genre could easily be his.

Another protégé of Forverything Records producer Cary Pierce, Garza has the voice and tunes to appeal to fans of Switchfoot, Jon Abel, and Chris Tomlin.

Opening track “We Cry Out” is a terrific melodic rocker, “Amazing” continues in a similar uptempo vibe, while “In Your Hands” is another memorable song. All 10 tracks have an air of positivity and celebration and even though such overtly Christian lyrics won’t appeal to everyone, Garza knows the audience he is targeting won’t care about that.

Good songs are good songs, and on this evidence, Garza has what it takes to swap medicine for music full-time if he so chooses.

Devin Garza:

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