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Shotgun Honeymoon

Shotgun Honeymoon

Forgone Conclusion…

Broken Halo Records/In Music We Trust

Shotgun Honeymoon is one intense person. His debut album Foregone Conclusion… is one of those albums that is as emotional and (for lack of a better term) deep as it is melodic and simple.

On “Carousel” he evokes a less-raspy and darker Ryan Adams as he sings “This black coat I wear inside my chest is called home” and delves even deeper into darkness on “Beautiful Suicide.” He channels Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard as he describes how “It’s clear as day, and this sunset distracts me here as this gun, it points closer to my head.” I’m guessing that Shotgun Honeymoon (who refuses to release his actual name) is thoroughly depressed. Here’s why, besides the black coat and gun:

On “Bossaluv (Grey),” he “will fade to Grey.” In “Across the Room,” he laments, “Before I could move you were gone.” In “I’m on This,” he proclaims that “I’m dying on the inside.” Two other tracks are titled “The Beginning of the End” and “Get Me Out of Here.”

The only reprieve is “Label of Blues,” a smoky, sexy, smooth tune that weaves a tapestry of alcohol and women. It’s the only variation on the “woe is me” mentality that overwhelms this album.

All that said, Forgone Conclusion… is a great album. Yes, the emotional intensity and overwhelming oppression is depressing, but Shotgun Honeymoon is worth checking out. Just take a happy pill afterwards.

Shotgun Honeymoon:

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