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Stranded in Stereo

Stranded in Stereo

Volume 6

Planetary Group LLC

Stranded in Stereo is an indie lover’s dream. It is a website that highlights unknown bands as well as worthwhile (usually hipster) causes such as the Save Darfur campaign.

Periodically they release a CD/DVD combo of highlights from their website. Volume 6 has some killer audio tracks from well-known acts like Interpol (“The Heinrich Maneuver”) and They Might Be Giants (“Take Out the Trash”) to go along with lesser-known artists like the quirky Gogol Bordello (“Wanderlust King”) and Midnight Movies (“Souvenirs”).

The DVD is the highlight however. Not only does this DVD contain “Working Class Hero” by Green Day, but it also includes “Broken Radio,” a duet between Jesse Malin and Bruce Springsteen. The video highlight is “Sweep the Leg” by No More Kings. A perfect alt/rock ode to “The Karate Kid.” It’s nothing short of magical.

Stranded in Stereo has hundreds of bands (both big-name and unknown) and on this compilation, they continue to take the best and introduce you to even more great music. Go to their website, sign up for free, and prepare for a new music overload. It’s well worth it.

Stranded in Stereo:

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