Calling All Joe Strummer Fans

Calling All Joe Strummer Fans

I’m a writer/editor based in Brooklyn, NY, who needs your input for her coming-of-age novel-in-the-works about the late, great Clash frontman Joe Strummer. Although my labor of love is fictional, I would like to incorporate what I’ve dubbed “fan testimonials” — that is, brief-ish, first-person narratives that encapsulate what Joe Strummer meant to you — in what would resemble a cross between liner notes and the photo sections of rock biographies. This might mean a recollection of a show many moons ago or a recounting of running into The Man on the street. Why, you ask? Because this is a novel about fandom and music as oxygen. Because I want to blur the lines between fiction and reality. Because I think it will look cool. Submit to Heather McCormack at

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