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Math and Physics Club

Math and Physics Club

Baby I’m Yours


The most polished and well-arranged EP in Matinee’s current batch, Math and Physics Club’s Baby I’m Yours also draws comparisons to more contemporary influences. There’s a fair amount of labelmate The Lucksmiths to be found on the title track and “In This Together,” while “Do You Keep a Diary” flirts with a cleaned-up twee-tronic beat like Belle & Sebastian’s “Electronic Renaissance.” The most surprising track, though, is “Nothing Really Happened.” The chime and reverb of the guitar, the gait of the rhythm and the vocal melody all bring to mind The Smiths covering ’90s one-hit-wonder Deep Blue Something’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The group has a slight tendency to err a little heavy on the precious side, reveling in their vulnerability in such a way that could leave a sticky sweet aftertaste. Thankfully their songwriting skills and sense of humor trump these potential misgivings and place these four songs on very solid ground.

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