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Hello, Voyager


Evangelista is the latest incarnation of one of the ’90s most underrated artists, Carla Bozulich. In the early part of that long lost decade, she formed the industrial burlesque outfit Ethyl Meatplow. After releasing just one eponymous album, that band split, and Bozulich put together the Geraldine Fibbers. The sometimes country/sometimes punk canon of music that they spawned never quite caught on in the mainstream world, and after a few years they, too, split up.

After multiple other projects – including a solo career – she emerges as Evangelista. The music that the quietly dark princess brings forth for 2008 are some of her most accomplished pieces of songwriting. From the weirdly ear piercing “Truth Is Dark Like Outer Space,” to the industrial funk of “Smooth Jazz,” the aching tear jerker “The Blue Room,” and the candle lit cabaret vibe of “Lucky Lucky Luck,” Hello, Voyager is the perfect expression of Bozulich’s many faces.

It’s the beginning of March, and I believe that we have our first candidate for Album of the Year. Mark it down.

Carla Bozulich:

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