Truth to Power

Because we didn’t…

Because we didn’t teach our people the truth about our country when we had the chance- and the duty- we got this:

Native Hawaiians blockade historic palace</a>

(CNN) – A group of native Hawaiians occupied the grounds of the old Hawaiian monarchy’s royal residence Wednesday, vowing to stay and do the business of the kingdom’s government.

“It is through a greater realm than ours” that the group took this action, said Mahealani Kahau, elected leader of the group, called Hawaiian Kingdom Government. “Today and every day, we will be here to assume our role.”

Group members left the palace grounds Wednesday afternoon, but vowed to return Thursday morning, The Honolulu Advertiser reported.

“We’ll be here at 6 o’clock in the morning,” Kahau told the newspaper.

The group is one of several in Hawaii that reject statehood and seek to return to the constitutional monarchy that effectively ended in 1893 when a group of politicians, businessmen and sugar planters – aided by the U.S. minister to Hawaii – overthrew the kingdom’s government.

The monarchist groups say that the kingdom was overthrown and annexed into the United States illegally.

Because we didn’t teach our children this, they now ask:

Why do they hate us?

Because we didn’t exercise the muscle of our Constitution by giving it a workout with Richard Nixon, it has withered and grown slack, to the point we get this:

Cheney Lawyer Claims ‘Congress Lacks Constitutional Power’ To Investigate VP’s Role In Torture Approval

Ruling out voluntary cooperation by Addington, Cheney lawyer Kathryn Wheelbarger said Cheney’s conduct is “not within the [congressional] committee’s power of inquiry.” “Congress lacks the constitutional power to regulate by law what a vice-president communicates in the performance of the vice president’s official duties, or what a vice president recommends that a president communicate,” Wheelberger wrote.

Because we didn’t educate our citizens on why Richard Nixon absolutely had to pay for his sins, in public, in open court like the common crook he was, we get his statement -“if the president does it, its not illegal”- writ large, as we now live under a tyranny. And just because you can still stand on a street corner with a sign, or blog that the president has no clothes, or vote, doesn’t mean you’re free.

Because we didn’t demonstrate that our nation is a living, breathing organism that requires blood, sweat and tears, we are reduced to this:

‘Idol’ Voters Have Faith in Their Vote

Survey Finds One-Third Believe in Their ‘Idol’ Vote More Than in Presidential Ballot</a>

Here’s a novel concept. Since we’re tapping all electronic communications in the country anyway, lets give some savvy database hackers a list of all people in the county who voted in the last presidential election. Then find the database that ABC has of all the phone numbers of those who voted on American Idol. And finally, a list of all people in the country on some form of taxpayer theft welfare. A few lines of SQL later, we’ll have a list of a certain type of American, one who voted for American Idol, but not for president, and gets welfare.

And we instantly terminate their benefits.

Because if you want to reap the largess of democracy, then get off your Aaron Rents couch and earn it.

Because we didn’t place this warning label on our money:

War Is the Health of the State

We tolerate this:

One thing is certain about the Iraq war: It has cost a lot more than advertised. In fact, the tab grows by at least $200 million each and every day.

And we’re not winning.

Because we didn’t do these things, learn these lessons, or teach our children any reality at all, we stand at the precipice of war in Iran- another nation who hasn’t threatened us- and we are powerless to stop whatever process is in place. I marched, you marched, millions of us marched in 2003, but we must have picked the wrong street, because nobody saw us.

Nobody that matters, anyway</a>.

So in five or ten years, will you look back and say you tried? Did you try and learn? To educate? To confront the ignorant and fearful, to rebut the daily ubiquitous brutality that is our media?

This guy did:


What are you going to do?

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