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Escape From Planet Love

Omega Point Records

I’m not exactly sure what to make of the Mystechs, but their highly entertaining disc, Escape From Planet Love, lifts its musical groove from the classic disco days, updating the rhythm from the 4/4 160 BPM to a more hip-hop sound. The result breathes fresh life into a form that had long ago died and gone to rock and roll heaven, leaving behind arid techno and that vaguely embarrassing black dance music that features robust women in spandex doing energetic pelvic thrusts.

The title tune “Escape From Planet Love” layers the nuevo-disco sound with some rapping like you’d hear from the Bloodhound Gang. This track leads into “Bitchslap!” with its macho posturing and Superfly precision. Then comes my fav, “Orgasmatron.” It’s sexually explicit, down and dirty, and after a few listens, you’ll be singing along.

After the gangsta-flavored “Ghettoplex15,” the rest of the disc is not quite as high class, but the Mystechs’ sound stays in the disco rap channel while pushing what these styles can do in the 21st century. I’m not ready to get my hair permed or put on the leisure suit, but maybe we were all wrong in 1979 – disco might NOT be dead.

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