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When I look at the pictures of Andrew Thiboldeaux and Chris Ward, the two who make up the math-rock outfit Pattern is Movement, they look like two farmers who spend the better part of their days in a small town café drinking coffee and talking about the weather and crops. The two balding, bearded men, however, do something quite different — make stellar music. Their fourth album, All Together, is just another example of how syncopation can add so much to an album.

It takes a while to find the beat in “Peach Trees” and “Trolley Friend” upon first listen. And once it gets to the chorus of “Trolley Friend” (“Next in line/ Next in line/ Get on/ Get on”) they have already switched the beat three times, using their keyboards and percussion to get a fuller sound than most four-piece rock bands.

Each song on this album is an exercise in just keeping up. The ten songs last less than 32 minutes and although not at a speed metal pace, are complex enough to keep you thinking. And just when you think you’ve got it, they are on to the next track.

All Together is not an album that you just throw in as background music. It’s much too complex for that. It is an album, as with all four Pattern is Movement albums, that you must pay attention to. And once you do, you will never go back to generic radio rock again.

Pattern is Movement:

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