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A Long, Lovely List of Repairs

Slow Down Records/ In Music We Trust

Amelia is simply amazing. Rustic roots-pop fills their third full-length album, A Long, Lovely List of Repairs.

The opening track, “Enemigo,” is sung entirely in Spanish and the smoky vocals of Teisha Helgerson are like a cross between the quiet comfort of Norah Jones and the weathered sound of Lucinda Williams. On “Tragedy,” the trio muse about “old prayers that we don’t dare repeat.” Amelia seamlessly shifts from the Gillian Welch-esque “Try” to Norah Jones circa “After You” from Feels Like Home with lyrics like “There’s just me/and there’s after you.”

Each track offers an equal look into desperation and hope. A Long, Lovely list of Repairs is equal parts yin and yang, and the entire album keeps you on edge, yearning for the next note and song.


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