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Experimental Dental School

Experimental Dental School

Jane Doe Loves Me


In a confusion of sounds that finds a Casiotone keyboard colliding with drums, and guitars that run off in different directions, Experimental Dental School is an acquired taste that some may never have a palate for.

There are those who love Sonic Youth, and then there are those who loathe them for making nothing but inexplicable noise. I sit somewhere in between. The melodic side of Sonic Youth, exhibited on the poppy songs “Drunken Butterfly” and “Little Trouble Girl,” win my cheers. But, the more experimental tangents that Thurston Moore takes inspire me to hit the skip button more often than not. With only a few exceptions, Jane Doe Loves Me rests in the latter half of Sonic Youth influence.

Like Deerhoof or Cibo Matto and Melt Banana before them, XDS often relies on a tender female voice to sweeten the swirling mass of noise. Switching off on lead vocals, the Thurston Moore to Shoko Horikawa’s Kim Gordon is Jesse Hall.

The easiest songs to swallow are “Jane Doe Loves Me,” “Shoko Can,” and “Plant Plenty.”

Experimental Dental School:

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