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Adam Marsland

Adam Marsland

Daylight Kissing Night – Adam Marsland’s Greatest Hits

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Adam Marsland is by far the best songwriter that you have never heard. From the rockin’ opening “My Kickass Life” to the contemplative closer “Portland,” Daylight Kissing Night – Adam Marsland’s Greatest Hits proves that you can be a DIY musician and still sound better than almost anything else on the radio.

“My Kickass Life” showcases Marsland’s lyrical prowess and how he wanted a “life of adventure/ Not one of indenture like most people have.” But his dad said “May you have an interesting life/ That’s a Chinese curse.”

Marsland was the lead singer for Cockeyed Ghost from 1996-2001 and about half of the songs are from when he was with that band. The best from these years is “Married Yet” when he sings about how “your memory still has the power/ To hit me full force in the shower/ The water seeps into my brain/ Like tears of torrential acid rain/ That eats away at my common sense.”

Marsland’s music is so undeniably catchy that you find yourself unintentionally singing to it. Once you realize that you’re grooving to “At the Bookstore” or “The Foghorn” you have to read the lyric sheet to get the words right. Once you start reading the lyrics, that’s when you realize just how poetic and genius his lyrics are.

Daylight Kissing Night – Adam Marsland’s Greatest Hits is just that: a career-spanning retrospective on a musical career that flew completely under the radar. Now it’s time to not only put it on the radar, but to make it the radar itself. Marsland deserves to be in the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame and I am 100% serious. This collection is truly and honestly one of the best collections of songs from one artist that I have ever heard.

Adam Marsland:

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