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The Slants

The Slants

Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts

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The Slants are a band rising faster than Lindsey Lohan’s DUI count. Their debut album Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts hits a niche that no other band in the U.S. has touched: Asian dance-rock.

Lead singer Aron (just Aron) sounds like a slightly more upbeat Ian Curtis from Joy Division, especially on “We Will Never Die” and “Stranglehold.” His lyrics are just as isolated and pessimistic as on “Welcome to Doomtown” (“‘Cause if a little child falls into the underground/ She might like what she sees/ Welcome, welcome to Doomtown”) and the opening line from “Capture Me Burning” (“Dusk to dawn… outcasts rule this town”).

The Slants have only been performing since June 2007, they sound like they’ve been together for much longer than that. They are already booked for Asian/animé conventions for the next two years amidst club touring.

The Slants sounds like a perfect combination of Joy Division and the Cure if they kicked it up and made their music ready for a rave. Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts is a record tailor-made for partying, but underneath it all are lyrics that suggest something much darker. This is great for animé lovers and anyone who is looking for an Asian flavor for their record collection.

The Slants:

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