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Seven days

Seven days.

Seven more days of candidates pandering, talking heads exploring even further up their own ass in search of something more trivial than the last segment to blather on about, seven more days until at least this stage of our national meltdown is done.

And some folks seem a bit scared about the notion:

Republican fears of historic Obama landslide unleash civil war for the future of the party

Fearful they should be. As immersed in this race as I’ve been over the last year, year and a half, one thing has always struck me as incredible, and that is the complete ignorance of the GOP as to exactly how much they are loathed. Hated. Despised. This country- and the rest of the planet- don’t want a different version of you- we want you gone.


How about 9/11? Illegal wars? Terry Schiavo? Katrina? Economic ruin? Torture? Plame?

The list could continue but we all know it all too well. Greed. Incompetence. Fraud. Treason. Take your pick. The last eight years, to anyone with a brain, or a heart, has been hellish. Its Alice in Wonderland, but with tanks. And orange jumpsuits. It’s our most likely drunk vice president shooting a man in the fucking face, and getting to sleep it off before he meets with law enforcement. How perfect of a damn metaphor do you need for the last eight years?

Sadly, the only candidate worth much of anything vanished long ago, that being of course Ron Paul. He was the only candidate who understood that our nation had long strayed from its origins, betrayed its ideals, and scarcely resembled “A more perfect union” anymore. But of course we can’t have that, we can’t have accountability or reason, but rather two-fisted greed and brazen stupidity to rule the day.

Of the candidates left, there is only one choice, the man with the funny name and the wrong skin. Not only does he appear poised to completely wipe the floor with that doddering old hypocrite McCain, but the Democratic party possibly could get 60 seats in the Senate, a prospect that at least one soon to be unemployed GOP senator finds frightening:

In North Carolina, where Senator Elizabeth Dole seems set to loose, Republicans are running adverts that appear to take an Obama victory for granted, warning that the Democrat will have a “blank check” if her rival Kay Hagen wins. “These liberals want complete control of government in a time of crisis,” the narrator says. “All branches of Government. No checks and balances.”

Welcome to the last eight years, bitch. Welcome to what the rest of the world has been infuriated at, terrified of, and now rather benumbed to. But I can’t see Obama becoming the tyrant that Bush reveled in, but lord knows the tools are there should he decide thats the way. On the gun boards I frequent, the single issue for those voters is that Obama will take away their guns, period. And as accustomed as we’ve become to a President riding roughshod over the Constitution, they all imagine that once his hand leaves the bible from swearing in, he’s going to sign an executive order calling for the immediate confiscation of firearms. Its rather amusing to watch as they slowly begin to realize that giving one person unlimited power is perhaps not such a grand notion. But thankfully he’ll have a few more pressing issues to attend to prior to buying back all our guns with baked goods. Like the illegal wars. The economy. You know, big things that the other guys fornicated the pooch on.

Seven days. In seven days we can stop giving a crap about a corrupt idiot from Alaska and her “First Dude” secessionist husband, or the old man with the Aliens-like hump on his face, and we can begin to see a future without a member of the Bush/Clinton dynasty (they are no different, no reason to pluralize) leaving their stench in our collective air. No, Obama is not the perfect candidate for our time, we left that man on the side of the road long ago. But he is perhaps exactly what we need at this juncture. Either he will be a transformative president, as many have thought. Or he will be an utter failure, leading to perhaps a legitimate third party candidate in 2012.

Either way, he is our future. Seven days. And once November 4th is in the books, we only have to completely duct-tape Bush and Cheney and toss them in the Rose Garden, in order they don’t nuke Iran, call out the Army in the streets, or pardon themselves. (All of which could occur, btw).

Seven days. I hope we make it.

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