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Is McCain more than just some old cranky hothead?

But the country faces a more difficult question: Is John McCain’s pattern of volatile behavior simply a matter of style and personality, or is there some underlying cause that makes these well documented traits “driven” and thus dangerous?

Much of the speculation about McCain’s mental status is irresponsible, even defamatory. But there is enough to justify looking through all the smoke to see if his anger is fed by flames he cannot control. Evaluating McCain through this lens makes sense to me. I have worked for a decade as a psychotherapist in a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program for victims of Traumatic Brain Injury. The question with McCain, as with any other possible TBI patient, is about where personality leaves off and organically driven behaviors, if existent, begin. Are his closed-minded, free-reigning passions for causes like campaign finance reform or, more recently, earmarks evidence of determination, a virtue, or obsessiveness, a fearsome attribute in a president?</em>

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