Truth to Power

Lewis Black


Had a great time seeing Lewis Black last night on his “Let Them Eat Cake” tour, at the incredible Fox. A stellar show- Black was on fire, literally frothing at the mouth at times. Touching upon everything from losing your virginity to LPs vs. Ipods, to the rather disgusting use of whipped cream in the Poconos, and spewing his venom rather equally between McCain and Obama, he again proved himself to be one of our best social critics.

Now, a question to the no-necked lunkhead seated next to me. You paid $75, are sitting not 20 feet from one of the great comedians working today, and yet every 5 minutes you’re checking sports scores and email on your cell phone.


You can’t disconnect from your wired cave for an hour and actually appreciate what’s occurring right in front of you? I’m pretty sure they have scores post-game as well, and as for emails, I have some I’ve had since, I dunno, the late 90s, so I pretty f’n sure yours will last the night. Live in the moment you big goof, that’s what its there for.

Thus ends the cranky old man portion of TTP.

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