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Dick Prall

Dick Prall



With a deft pop sensibility, Chicago-based singer/songwriter Dick Prall sings about the good, bad, and fugly moments he’s encountered in life and relationships, turning them into subtle parables that linger longer on the heart and go deeper than most surface-bound pop hits.

Like a vintage Ryan Adams song, sometimes cathartic, other times crass, and most of the time catchy, each track on Weightless (2007) shows you a side of Prall’s ability to craft and produce an album with emotive power and sincere songwriting that bucks pretension and doesn’t take the heaviness too seriously, making it easy to embrace the crisp chords and sweet croon wrapped around the simple sounding yet complex and intricate songwriting.

In “Halfway to Hollywood” he speaks to the struggling artist with a quaint guitar melody and soft swooning vocals, a solid hook within a straightforward rock song that builds and then delivers. On other tracks he showcases a quirky humor (“Cornflakes”), or in “Long Play” Prall shows that he can tell a darker story over an eerie violin if need be. The Iowa native pulls no punches when it comes to emotive power or his ability to merge a bit of wry Dylan with a stream of CCR melodic undertow to come up with a songwriting style that is, well… weightless, but still hooks and hits the heart pretty heavy.

Dick Prall:

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